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"I have had business relation with the team of fama PR for many years now. I can always rely on their enthusiastic and efficient work let it be organizing a conference, a training or any other event. I have found their press analyses and media advice really useful."

Attila Aszódi, Director, Nuclear Technical Institution, Technical University of Budapest (BME)

In the past few years I have appeared as a moderator or presenter at events organized and conducted by the team of fama PR. Given my role I could look behind the scenes. What I saw was professionalism and something even more important, genuine caring which their work is characterized by. I consider these features to be the reason and the condition of their success. I do hope that there will also be several possibilities for co-operation in the future.

Pál Györfi, Communications and PR Director, Hungarian National Ambulance and Emergency Service

Let it be general or PR specific management consultation, we all wish that the agency rushing to our help would understand our problems fully and at once and come out with the perfect, or at least ideal, solution the fastest it can. It certainly does not work like this. Serious tasks do not only require competence but also a great deal of teamwork. It all comes down to the effective cooperation of the client with the agency. This is the reason I consider fama PR special. Besides their skill and vast experience they are real partners in one. They are nice people who have an open-minded and flexible approach to the task, then work on it strenuously and persistently involving the client from beginning to end. This can be regarded as a real "thinking together", a process which fills you with joy not only at the end, but every single moment of working together leading to the outcome desired.

Gabor Kothenc, CEO, GlaxoSmithKline, Balti region

I have been working together with the team of fama PR for years. Their job is to deal with tasks concerning media relations of our company. They have always provided a high quality service which makes it possible for us to use our resources in other, mainly sales related, marketing communication activities. With their flexible approach, creative ideas and cost-effective methods they have proved to be a reliable and long-term partner.

Ágnes Malik, Marketing Manager, Huntraco Zrt.

Professionalism, friendly atmosphere, "24-hour service". Based on these notions did my relationship start with fama PR communicational consultative agency a good few years ago. I have never been disappointed since then. And if a shorter or longer period passes without working together, we set about the new task as if we finished the previous one yesterday. I am convinced that their work cannot be done without the confidence of partners placed in them and this they have long managed to acquire.

Erzsébet Nógrádi Tóth, Editor of Healthcare, Journalist, Világgazdaság

What is fama like?

Well, I cannot give a straight answer to this. Let the clients judge it for themselves. I can only say that when I worked with them it "felt good". Possibly because they are no robots. They are interested in the whole thing that we are in. They have values therefore we had great talks. They might be old-fashioned, but they know that the fama lasts longer than 15 minutes...

András Réz, Writer, Journalist, Aesthete

We have been working with fama PR agency ever since its foundation as I had known László Hajdu, managing director of the company, even before that. And since trust is formed primarily between people and not firms, we have followed Laci to the new place, the new-born fama PR. Based on this relationship dating back to over a decade I recommend Laci and fama PR hallmarked with his name with all my heart to anyone who needs help in the fields of PR, organising events and press relations. If you choose fama PR, you will certainly be provided with a service in time, at a high standard, reasonable price and adjusted to the needs of the client. This may be said about other similar profile firms, however, what is unique about fama PR is the personal relationship, the confidence they never abuse. Hence, that is exactly the surplus that cannot be measured with numbers. It is priceless and a most rare phenomenon in these days.

Zita Siminszky, Sales and Marketing Director,Janssen-Cilag

A PR consulting firm has to know, understand and feel an organisation inside and out so that a harmonious relationship can be established which meets the expectations of both parties. Our co-operation with fama PR was founded on these grounds and then it has been raised to the level of full trust when we understand each other without words. If I was asked to comment on their performance in brief, I would characterize it with the words discreetly elegant, low-key physical presence and punctual, reliable work.

Csaba Szokodi, Managing Director, Johnson&Johnson

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