Janssen Academy

Janssen-Cilag earned a milestone at June, 2013. The Company opened the Janssen Academy, which is an information and networking hub, support the Hungarian healthcare system. Specialists, GP’s, nurses and all kind of healthcare professionals can enjoy the service of the Academy: workshops, conferences, and also a specialized library. Fama PR organized the exclusive opening ceremony as well as the press conference.

Psychiatry Conference

We organized the Psychiatry Social Workers Conference for the Pécs Scientific University in Balatonfüred at June, 2013. Main tasks of the conference were: working with schizoprenic illness, addictive problems, actual legal and financial questions of the Hungarian Social Working system.

3 in 1

2011 was the 125th anniversary of the foundation of Johnson & Johnson, the 85th birthday of Dr. Paul Janssen and also the 50th anniversary of Janssen joining the J&J group. To celebrate this triple anniversary, a press conference was arranged in November where Dr Anna Romhányi, CEO of Janssen-Cilag, held a presentation about the company’s past, present and future to a large audience. A film presenting the golden years of J &J was also shown from which the journalists could learn about the Hungarian roots of the firm going back to the beginnings.

Panadol – acts fast

Our agency has conducted a successful campaign for GSK on the efficiency of Panadol painkiller. Interviews and articles with doctors and chemists in the professional and medicine press at the end of 2011 helped dispel some misconceptions related to the side-effects of paracetamol.

Walk with Tüdõér Egyesület ("Lung-vein" Association)!

February 29th has been the "The day of rare diseases" for years now, based on a WHO initiative. The main purpose of the day is to raise awareness about the existence of such rare illnesses and their effects on the lives of those suffering from them. In Hungary, a minimum of 3 million people are affected including family members. The Tüdõér Egylet calls your attention to pulmonary hypertension which affects thousands of people. For this very reason, our agency organises an intensive walk on February 29th, 3-5 PM held at Vörösmarty tér, Budapest, where anyone can test his fitness!

Bátor Tábor 2011

Bátor Tábor is celebrating its 10th birthday in 2011. The opening event of the year, a press conference was organised by our agency on February 15th.

The philosophy of the Bátor Tábor was best captured by Peti, a boy, who attended the camp. 'This is like a machine where a child is thrown in ill and tired and a much livelier, healthier child comes out, full of experiences.'

At the press conference the operation, philosophy and the history of this 'machine' were presented along with the staff and volunteers working for it in the background.

Bátor Tábor has been supported by our partner, Janssen, in the past five years.

The Leaders of EANA also cracked the code of Budapest

The 3-day-conference of EANA (European Alliance of News Agencies) leaders took place in Budapest recently. The guests coming from 27 countries discussed the latest challenges of news broadcasting.

At the end of the conference, the participants could explore the hidden treasures of the city, on an alternative sight-seeing tour called Budapest Code, organized by fama PR Uniquebudapest.
This included travelling by ‘rickshaw’, performing historical scenes, statues coming to life, recognizing ingredients of sweets, recognizing scents and precious stones.
Eric Scherer, board member, conveyed the opinion of many when he said this is how you can get to know a city in a playful, funny way. This was the most interesting and cheerful tour they have ever participated in. They feel grateful for Budapest and MTI for this programme.

Crack Budapest’s Code!

Like Da Vinci Code, Budapest has her own secrets, mysteries and curiosities. This spring Uniquebudapest division of fama PR has re-launched the so-called Budapest Code combining the elements of teambuilding, competition and cultural quest. Teams can explore the hidden treasures of the capital via different tasks in a playful way, going from one spot to another with the help of a guide. Beside well-known companies (such as Michelin, Siemens, Avon, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Mindshare) and institutions (Hungarian Tourism Zrt, Budapest Tourism Kht, CEU, NAWA- North American Women's Association of Budapest) group of friends also take this great opportunity to get to know the city.

The 11th – a real tradition

'Schizophrenia Academy' was held at the Psychiatric Psychotherapeutic Clinic of Semmelweis University for the 11th time in March 19-20. The event was supported by Janssen-Cilag and organized by fama PR with a focus on the cognitive therapy of schizophrenia.
250 psychiatrists and residents attended the conference which, like in the previous years, demonstrated the international scientific results as well as giving an insight into the university workshops of the country. Professor Istvan Bitter, leader of the department in charge, underlined the fact that the event has succeeded in creating a tradition thanks to its high standard professional programme year by year.

Healthy Vásárhely Programme

The Healthy Vásárhely Programme (EVP) is a people’s healthcare scheme for the next ten years in Hódmezõvásárhely. It aims at maintaining health and preventing common diseases. Even in the short run EVP can improve the general condition of the local inhabitants.
The long term goal is to help create a healthy town with a good atmosphere.
The programme is also supported by Janssen-Cilag. Fama PR (jointly with the Local Government) organized a press conference at the beginning of March on the achievements of EVP. The lecturers included János Lázár, Mayor of Hódmezõvásárhely, and Anna Romány, CEO of Janssen-Cilag, who demonstrated the achieved results.

In a low voice- 2009 was a successful year

Despite the worldwide recession, our agency has closed a successful year in 2009. Although the number of events, conferences has considerably dropped, many new projects have been launched this year. Due to the crisis we have been asked to carry out work related to crisis communication, structural modifications.
We hope that in 2010 our commissions will also be in connection with the expansion of companies.

Uniqubudapest BOOM

After appearing on the market last year, Uniquebudapest has had her breakthrough. We have made ourselves a name in the tourism industry. Individuals, journalists, firms and tour agencies have all contacted us on several occasions. Reports, articles have appeared about Uniquebudapest on almost the whole range of the audiovisual and written media including the Hungarian State Television, RTL Klub, Népszabadság, Figyelõ, Kossuth Radio, Gazdasági Radio, not to mention numerous internet portals.
We have shown the hidden treasures of Budapest in the course of the teambuilding game called “Budapest Code” to the staff of Avon, Michelin, Siemens, Hungarian Tourism Plc, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Mindshare, Time Out Budapest, RTL Klub (and the list could be continued) and the students of the Central European University and Corvinus University.

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