The private healthcare system faced many challenges in the past 6 months. Apart from the structure, the daily working, and the re-planning of the future, communications both within and outside of the company had an important role due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our agency worked as a communication consultant in the life of the Rózsakert Medical Center in this challenging year.

„Uniqua Cult Club” – restart

Together with the Uniqua insurance company, we conquered new fields of employer branding. In the “Uniqua Kult Club”, we invited famous and acclaimed people in the form of a talk show. Due to the situation, the show took place on our laptops, and among others, we had Kitti Almási, András Réz and Róbert Dolák Saly as our guests.

Medtronic-Budapest as the origo

The company dealt with re-focusing of the strategy of the EMEA Region at the beginning of the year 2020. We have organised entertaining programmes that focused on familiarising the company’s leadership, consisting of 40 people, with the gastronomic and cultural hot spots of the city after a tiring day at the office. We have been told multiple times that they will definitely participate again in our programmes together with their families!

Bosch in Óbuda

The Bosch’s international team consisting of 150 people participated in a time travel with us within the framework of our programme “Óbuda Code”, in March 2020. The treasure hunt took place in famous spots such as the Roman Amphitheatre, the old Synagogue, from the Óbuda main square to the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism.

Janssen- 20 years, more than 80 conferences

At the Janssen conference “Psychiatric Caregivers” at the end of 2019, we celebrated our 20th anniversary of working with this leading company in the pharmaceutical industry. We have contributed to familiarising psychiatrists, oncologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, haematologists and general practitioners with the latest advancements of the pharmaceutical industry.

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