, that is, "You must communicate!" goes the saying in sailing- only a little distorted by me.

Each and every day we experience all over again that we cannot exist without communication. As we throw glace at the shaving-glass after getting up, as we hurry our child to drink his cocoa lest we are late for school. Again as we greet the sleepy neighbour in the lift or when we signal to our fellow brethren that we are entitled to have the only parking place left in front of the school.
Then we plunge into our daily routine, go to meetings, do brainstorming, hold presentations, have lunch with a client or a partner, attend conferences, attend to our colleagues' complaints, travel, refuel and buy the necessary things for dinner which our wives have forgotten but let us know via communicating on the phone.
In the evenings we hear the lesson, answer the rest of the e-mails. Ideally, we discuss the day while having dinner together although our children would prefer the one way communication of watching tv... and so on until saying good night. And it goes on and on every single day....:-)

Hence we are attached to each other, our surroundings and life itself via communication. It is the tangible reflection of our personality, style and world. This is our "facade" that we show toward others. Communicating is important. The appropriate, effective communication can be learned, developed. Well, to a certain extent for sure.

We, the staff of fama PR, believe and pursue in practice that we can cross this very border if the external conditions in terms of content and form meet our inner world and style. This is how we can prove to be genuine. Thus during consultations we always take the individual as a starting point and with his active contribution a communication reflecting his person can be created.
We are convinced that this is the only way it can work well and work in the long run.

Welcome in the world of communicative consultation, please, come in!

László Hajdu
General Manager

Event organizing
Organizational development
Buisness Coaching