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Art Nouveau, Eclectic style and culture
What is Classicism or Modern architecture for other cities, is Eclectic style for Budapest. But watch out, in the course of a century Budapest's Eclectic style has matured to become classical and noble - like its contemporary, Art Nouveau, which had only a short span in Budapest but which nevertheless is present with enviable masterpieces. Come with us and we will guarantee to show you their most fascinating examples in Hungary. In addition, you will also be part of a cultural tour taking in theatres, galleries and statues, and hear colourful stories connected to them.

Villas, urban mansions
The turn of the 19th and 20th centuries experienced the peak of bourgeois development and modernisation in Budapest. Following west European patterns, the aristocracy and the upper middle classes had wonderful Classicist, Eclectic and Art Nouveau mansions and villas constructed. The spectacle of buildings flanking the city centre's main axis, Andrássy Avenue, reflects that era. The many contemporary stories, legends and myths will take you back to the enchanted garden of the turn of the century.

City-centre treasures
There are several hidden treasures on the city-centre of Budapest: entrances where carriages could enter, outside corridors in the courtyards of apartment blocks with through passages, shops preserving their century-old beauty, squares and cafés recalling a Parisian atmosphere, a market echoing a genuine Balkan milieu, Art Nouveau mansions, apartment interiors and tiny shops, restored passages, cheerful statues Let's walk around the everyday wonders of the city centre and admire beauties you cannot see elsewhere.

Danube bank stories
Budapest is the queen of the Danube. She would not exist without the river. The meeting of the river and the city is nowhere as intensive, tragic and beautiful as in the Pest city centre. The Hungarian Parliament, Academy of Sciences and the mansions of the Danube embankment can all be found here. We will show you several fascinating, tragic and interesting sites, as well as tell you moving and amusing stories.
At the same time you can also enjoy the captivating view of Buda!

Secrets of the Jewish quarter
Once upon a time there was a Jewish Budapest inhabited by more than two hundred thousand in its heyday. Many of them lived in a geographically well-defined area still referred to as the Jewish quarter. Later the ghetto was established here. The quarter's traces and mementos, sometimes a bit rundown, can still be seen - restaurants, prayer rooms, ritual baths, kosher bakeries, synagogues of various sizes, cemeteries, butchers and confectionaries - all imprints of a former, richer era. The Jewish quarter of Budapest is alive again. During our tour full of stories, the history of central Europe's largest Jewish community comes to life and besides the dramas we also introduce you to the beauty and locations of everyday life.

The retro period
Once upon a time there were the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Socialism, the happiest barrack, party congresses, politics, the victorious working class and 'Stalin Baroque'. At the same time there was a parallel world - bakelite records, mini skirts, neon advertising, soda-water, the new Bauhaus - in other words, Budapest retro. This is a real time travel: we show you the city's retro hot spots and the underground, a product of the 'great Soviet Union', which connects them.

There is a hidden world of design, art and fashion in Downtown Budapest. Discover treasures amongst today's Hungarian artists and delve into the world of creation, design and unique perfume.

Pest by night
"Seen Budapest at night yet?" -thus began an old Hungarian hit. Our night-time wander and entertainment begins in Budapest's Montmarte and Soho where, in addition to several restaurants and cafes, there are also small galleries and boutiques. Then the night lights of the city unfold as seen from a bridge. The dawn reaches you in one of the city's grooviest open-air clubs - in its VIP section at that.
Music, dance, getting acquainted, food, booze and madness! Experience Budapest by night!

Kayak tour on the Danube by night
Crown your stay in Budapest in an extraordinary way!
See the queen of the Danube from a sea kayak at night!
Not only do our two weather-beaten guides look after your safety, they also highlight the lit bridges, listed buildings, islands and the Danube bank provides an unforgettable experience on the river. After the tour there's a party at the most popular club by the Danube bank.
No need for water experience or skill.

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