Buisness Coaching

Business Coaching:

The process originating from sport psychology has grown to be one of today's most efficient enhancement tools in business life as well as in corporate culture and its importance is also increasing among KKVs.
In the world of sport the coach looks at his disciple with the eye of an outsider, accordingly in business life the coach gives sufficient support and encouragement for handling dilemmas. The primary mission of coaching or tailor-made leadership assistance is providing a place and time where the leader can share his problems, doubts and weaknesses. Based on this we help our clients finding the "know-how" through the process.

Shadow coaching:

The coach is present as a shadow in certain phases of the process. He can take part in the processes (meeting, negotiation, presentation) required by the client strictly as an observer.

During the course of the process, he takes notes so that they can discuss the experience in detail when meeting again on a one on one basis. The client can greatly benefit from this as the coach makes him look in a mirror.

Team- csoport coaching:

Supporting a given project with a coach who fills the role of a co-ordinator by thinking together with the project team.

Coaching ter├╝letek:

We aim at integrating the coaching type leadership as an essential part of daily work by spreading and acquiring the above mentioned methods.

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Buisness Coaching